144 - Trying to hold on

144 - Trying to hold on by André Varela
144 - Trying to hold on, a photo by André Varela on Flickr.

Trying to do a project like this without skipping a day is hard...but if you have little time it's even harder...When i have time i try to do a more complicated shot, a more conceptual one...But without time i have to be simple and work with what i have at the moment...Usually that's my body...
Sometimes this makes me sad because i look at other 365 days and i see those complicated shots, with layers and layers, and mine sometimes is really simple. No that i don't like simple, but i wanted to have more time to do those kinds of shots...
But i promised myself that i wouldn't skip a day, and i won't, even if some of my shots have to suffer a little for that.
This project keeps me shooting, whatever it takes.

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