207 - 1 (Self Study series)

This is part of a new series that i will be doing called Self Study. I guess flickr will over sharpen it...


206 - A line called Life

This one started as an experiment and ended being a "final" work. I did this to be printed LARGE and not to view here on Flickr, but i wanted to share this one with you guys. It's a limited series, there will be only five prints of this and already i have a order for one...so yea, i am happy with this!


204 - Wait for me

204 - Wait for me by André Varela
204 - Wait for me, a photo by André Varela on Flickr.

i am almost back to my daily posting....I really miss that...

203 - Alteration

203 - Alteration by André Varela
203 - Alteration, a photo by André Varela on Flickr.

Things are changing for the better! I have almost everything done (expecto to see my project here very soon). I have now two orders for book covers and that is great, another expo coming soon and i am involved in very artistic projects with artist of very different fields... I feel that this is the life i have been wainting to live =P The photo and the title have nothing to do with the text (almost nothing) but i wanted to share this words with you guys!


200 - Happiness

200 - Happiness by André Varela
200 - Happiness, a photo by André Varela on Flickr.

For number 200 it had to be something special...this is also part of my final project and the feeling portraited here is Happiness. This photo is on my top 5 of all time...I am in love with it.