143 - Ferocious

143 - Ferocious by André Varela
143 - Ferocious, a photo by André Varela on Flickr.

This 366 project was always to show myself as the person behind the shots and the things that i like to shoot. Although i do love conceptual photography and self portrait, this project was never about that...But because most of the shots are of that nature people tend to ask me why don't i keep the conceptual line in this project. Because this is about me, about my life in a year and to show everything that i shoot and what i shoot in a particular time in my life. This project purpose is to show the person, and not only the photographer...

Here is Luna again, and she is in a really bad mood today (she almost scratch my 50mm 1.4 (mini heart attack)). But even in a bad mood, she is gorgeous...

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