191 - Self preservation

191 - Self preservation by André Varela
191 - Self preservation, a photo by André Varela on Flickr.

From today, until September i won't be able to upload shot in a regular way. I have my portfolio to work on and my final project for photography school. So i have a lot of work. I will post some shots for the 365days, although i won't be able to post them everyday (until september. 14 of september the 365days project resumes his normal "behaviour") So stay tuned guys, and don't give up on this project...It's just a small vacations (with a lot of work!)

Remember that i sell limited prints of my work. Contact me if you want to buy one (varelaad@gmail.com), or two =) I do special "attention" to my friends on Flickr.

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I'll be around to favorite photos, and post some of mine sometimes =)

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