184 - Blow me away

184 - Blow me away by André Varela
184 - Blow me away, a photo by André Varela on Flickr.

I am on my way of finding my own vision. I was looking at my shots trying to identify something...One thing that i noticed is that i take a lot of pictures with a second plane out of focus, or the first one, trying to lead the eye to the focused part of the shot, but also giving meaning to the blurred one... I guess that's a common element on most of my shots. And most of the times those are the ones i love the most... I guess finding your own vision is hard and i really feel like i haven't found mine yet...And sometimes that kinda drives me crazy...

Ps: the textures aren't mine, but i don't really know who are the owners...If you know them tell me and i'll credit them.

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