Photographers to follow on Flickr Carlos Pataca

When i first saw Carlos work i was hooked by the simplicity and at the same time, power of the images. His work is VERY visual and really pulls you in with the use of large empty spaces. And when you see his photostream you can see a clear identity of him as a photographer, something that many can't show.


-Tell me a little about you

I am Portuguese, Brazilian and Ducth in that order...I major in architecture and urbanism in São Paulo. I work and live in Holland for the last 24 years. I teach Urban Design in an Art Univertsity and stopped with the architecture office so i consider myself as an ex-architect.

- How did the interest for photography started?

By accident. Travelling with a friend of mine i noticed that we took the same pictures but hers were far better. Because we had the same camera i asked how it was possible. She soon realized that i didn't knew how to use it the taught me some of the functions. I became curious about digital photography and started to shoot compulsively.

- Is photography a full-time thing or just a hobby?

It's a hobby that started about a year and a half ago. But i have spending most of my free time with photography.

- How would you describe your style?

It's a choreography where i go from A to Z without the shame of mixing some letters. Whatever the form the vision is a consequence. I think that the search for poetry is a comon place to all.

- What do you like to photograph?


- Why?

Because it's a way to learn. Learn to see and to be seen.

- Where do you find your inspiration?

In art! Lots of architecture because i carry it with me, but lots of literature because it's my passion. But also cinema, theatre and dance...

- If you could do a project with another photographer who would you choose?

Dreaming: Nan Goldin.

- If you had to recommend 5 photographers from Flickr who would you choose?

It's difficult because i have many friends, but five that in some way have a production similar to mine:
Karl Hurst
Zel Nunes
Augusto Rosa
Claudia Carlos Magno
(i think they are all architects)

- And 5 photographers outside Flickr?

Classic for me:
Nan Goldin
Rineke Dijkstra
Robbert Mapplethorpe
Mario Cravo Neto
Thomas Farkas
I can't choose only five, these were the first that pop on my head.

- What would you be like to doing in five years from now?

At least get a book published...


Thank you Carlos!

You can visit his photostream here http://www.flickr.com/photos/53333541@N07/

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