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I discovered Ana's work little after i joined Flickr. I was hooked! You can see that Ana shoots what she wants, when she wants, how she wants! The work is different from what i have seen and it really reaches your mind. Movement, colours, different perspectives, it's all there! It's a real pleasure to see her photostream and be involved in the variety present there.


-Tell me a little about you.

Hello, i'm Ana, i was born in Lisbon in 1974 and i studied Psychology which is my main passion.

-How did the interest for photography started?

I always liked to take photos and i remebered that when i was a little girl i used to ask my father to take photos and i remember people used to like cause i didn't cropped the feet or the heads...and yes, is pure pleasure.

-Is photography a full time thing or just a hobby?

Is a hobby completly.

-How would you describe your style?

My style is not having one. I never had one or pretention to have. I just let the emotion, the wish, the will, the needs coming and then shoot everything i like, that somehow is calling things i have inside of me and by extension my photos are a reflection of my moods and they can be so concrete, so blurry, so cropped, so ghostly and tender and frightning as i am cause they are me.

-What do you like to photograph?

As i told above, everything, everybody.


Cause photography to me, is a reflect of life and life is "all those emotions", good and bad, ugly and beatiful, scary and tender...

-Where do you find your inspiration?

I see a lot other's work, the contemporary photography and the classics. Actually, i'm interested in contemporary. I see, blogs, i see photographer's sites, i see, flickr's contact, i read magazines. Just love it.

-If you could do a project with another photographer who would you choose?

Such a good and interesting question. There's some. Some of flickr for exemple but let me say this in the plural cause there are indeed more than one.

-If you had to recommend 5 photographers from Flickr who would you choose?

Tim Lowly, Or(a)ido, André Frormont, Ezra, Benoit Paillé and let me write one more Santocielo (as you can see, no connections between them but all amazing).

-And 5 photographers outside Flickr?

Nan Goldin, Eggleston, Michael Arckerman, Marina Abromovic, Jeff Wall...uff but so many more...

-What would you like to be doing in 5 years from now?

Photography and always a work in progress.

Thank you very much,


Thank you Ana!

You can visit her photostream here:


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  1. Uma honra André! muito obrigada! ;)

  2. great to read this interview which is so much just like the way she takes pics;) love it